Road Trippin’: Central Valley (CA Hwy 99 Edition)

I’m always searching for farm fresh food when visiting the Central Valley.


I hold a special place in my heart for Central California (in particular, the city of Visalia). From LA, I love the drive through the Angeles Mountains, the views of grape vines, the nut trees, the dairies and more. A trip up to Central Valley, California and any other agriculture regions in the state always reminds me of the hard, grinding work of farmworkers. I truly value the contributions farmworkers make to put food on my table.

What else do I love about the area? The food. First, the food grown and harvested in the area provides an incredible economic source to the state.Per House Committee On Natural Resources: “California’s Central Valley is the state’s agriculture hub, producing over 360   products.”

Beyond the financial impact, throughout the area you will find some of the freshest, tastiest fruits, vegetables and meats. For a self-proclaimed foodie like myself, the Central California area is pleasant, affordable surprise.

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Sightseeing FiDi Without Ever Stepping Outside

Brookfield Plaza


What I’m most impressed about from the completion of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub isn’t that it’s this awe-inspiring architectural wonder with a price tag of $4-billion, but that it essentially links the Financial District (FiDi) from one end to another, allowing pedestrians to walk through the width of Downtown Manhattan entirely indoors. That means that when it’s too cold, too hot, too wet, too frozen, too whatever outside—you can still sightsee (or in my case, just get to work) through Downtown without ever stepping outside. Continue reading “Sightseeing FiDi Without Ever Stepping Outside”

Day Trippin’: Claremont, California


Claremont Village.

The city of Claremont is located about 32 miles east of Downtown, Los Angeles. Personally, I always categorized Claremont as a semi- Inland Empire town, which basically means I never really gave it much credit. Let’s be real, the I.E. isn’t a top destination trip for LA folks. [For the record, I’m allowed to make such a snotty comment because my formative high school and college years were out in Riverside. Yo. I’m still reppin’ the “909”] After visiting this small city a couple times over the last weeks, I now can say that Claremont is actually a pleasant surprise!

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Forty-Four Hours In Fire Island

Lonelyville, Fire Island


There are very few grocery stores in Fire Island. It is almost all beach houses on this narrow strip of land that parallels south of Long Island. From end to end, it is thirty-two miles long, but from its Atlantic Ocean side to the Long Island bay side, it’s only a five-minute walk. There are no room for streets—only sandy roads and wooden pathways. To make it out there, it’s best to bring all your food. Continue reading “Forty-Four Hours In Fire Island”

A Fantastical Place / An Amalgam of Pretty Things

A postcard from my dreams. Part of it looks like the Algarve, Portugal. Image via Pinterest


You know those dreams you have that are so vivid, you just can’t shake them? And then you’re dying to find those images again, only to realize that those exact images won’t perfectly match up to how you saw them in your sleep?

This has happened to me on several occasions, but a few nights ago, I dreamt of one place that seemed so real, I can’t help but think I may actually see it one day. The problem is, I’m not entirely sure it truly exists in real life.

In an attempt to “speak this place into reality”, if you will, here is what this fantastical place in my mind looks like.

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A Former New Yorker’s Guide to LA’s Public Transit

Subway  life.


After living in New York City for close to six years, I had no choice but to become a pro at the riding the subway and buses to get around. At a certain point, I took tremendous pride knowing the tricks of the subway cars, unspoken MTA etiquette, schedule timing and everything else all public transit folks basically understood as a fact of life.

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Kidulting at Disney Theme Parks / My Family, the Disney Experts



I have yet another confession to make this week.

I don’t know why I keep announcing that; nearly all of my posts lately have been “confessions.” But anyway, here it goes:

I am low key one of those hardcore Disneyland-loving kids. And so is my family.

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NYC 1-Day Tour (On a Budget)




After living in New York City for close to six years, I perfected the art of touring visiting guests around on a limited budget. Since I didn’t have money myself during this time period of my life, I created a must-do tour list that was as cheap as possible but as fun as possible.

Last week, I went back to New York and had the chance to take friends and family around on what I call my updated tour. During this mini-adventure, I re-visited favorite spots but also witnessed first hand how much has changed in the last 10 years. My suggestions for one day in NYC:

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PHOTO DIARY: Anza-Borrego Desert / It’s Really, Really Hot Here

Anza-Borrego Desert - 1
You can’t see it, but the feeling of standing in an oven was ever so present at the time this photo was taken.


After a tumultuous month of uncertainty, big decisions, and a whole lot of change, I finally had a chance the other weekend to get out of town for a bit and hit ‘reset’. So, I went to a place, far away from distractions and people and hustle and bustle, where I could soak in the beauty of being in solitude: the desert.

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(+/-) 36 Hours in Chicago

My kind of town: Chicago.


Throughout my lifetime, I have visited Chicago multiple times. To this day, I still can’t get over the beauty  and cleanliness of the city. I recommend every person makes a trip out there at some point.

With my recent visit, I wanted to make sure that old favorite stops and new adventures merged together. The New York Times Travel Section has a weekly article focusing on 36 hours in a given city. Always the planner, any trip I take I must research all the best restaurants, tourist spots and shopping in a city so that I can maximize my time. One of my go-to references for any short visit is the 36 Hour New York Times series.

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