Dreaming: Stahl House

Stahl House aka my Dream House.


In my heart, I’m supposed to be an architect. Let me be clear, I don’t have the math skills or creativity but I like to believe I possess the necessary penmanship. Rather than an architectural career, I instead pursue dreams of beautiful homes through House Hunter episodes, Dwell magazine articles and now Case Study House Tours. While some create a bucket list that includes visiting every major league baseball stadium, I built up my bucket list involving Case Studies House Tours.

Finally, I visited the Stahl House aka Case Study #22 in the Hollywood Hills. I never understood the allure of living up on the “Hills.” The streets are narrow and wind around. These homes built into the mountains scream earthquake damage potential. However once I stepped through the Stahl House front gate all I saw was an endless, incredible view of Los Angeles stretching beyond downtown to the Westside. People live like this? Please, can I win Powerball so this can be my life? Can this be my view every single day instead of the wall from my studio window?

My dream bedroom.

Stahl House is an adult, classy playground for dreamers. Sitting in Stahl’s living room surrounded by views, I thought about my childhood days where I played house with my cousins and friends. I always imagined that I lived in a tree house or a train boxcar. Now, I realize my grown up version of playing house revolves around a mid-century modern setting rather than a princess castle.

Playing house in my dream kitchen.

The Stahl House tour doesn’t involve a whole long lecture and basically after some informational background, the docent leaves you to just wander around, take pictures and enjoy the setting. Suggestions and thoughts:

  1. Reservations take awhile so make an appointment early. Try to schedule the late afternoon/evening time slot because you get a view with the sun setting and the city lights. Two for one special!
  2. Go with other architect junkies who appreciate the experience. $50 to sit on furniture might not be fun for everyone.
  3. There was a Knoll chair and ottoman located in the corner of the master bedroom. I’m not sure if it is always there because the furniture rotates, but take a moment to sit in it since a) comfortable b) worth $5,000 and c) a Knoll chair. Some women want jewelry, I’ll take a Knoll chair.
  4. You have to take your shoes off while walking through the house, make sure you plan accordingly.
  5. The Stahl House is really peaceful so take in the silence just up the hill from Hollywood. An evening at the Stahl House allows for a great opportunity to appreciate LA in a completely different way.

Stahl House Tours

My dream house.

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