#BruinStrong / Blue and Gold 2.0

A new kind of Blue and Gold spirit. Source: UCLA


I had this vision in my head that I would one day post a tribute to my alma mater during Blue and Gold Week. That’s the time when Bruins take their school spirit to the next level and rally for the annual football game against UCLA’s cross-town rival, USC. Sometimes the events leading up to the game get rowdy and downright ugly; but the tradition and spirit of this week is, nevertheless, a symbol of Bruin pride, a manifestation of the deeply-rooted connection that’s so engrained in the hearts of so many UCLA students – whether past, present, future, or honorary.

Now, this ritual isn’t supposed to happen for another few months – it’s an event that traditionally occurs in autumn – but in the wake of the unfathomably tragic events that occurred at UCLA’s Engineering IV building last week, I’m finding that a new kind of Blue and Gold Week has arisen. Only this one’s not built upon disdain for a rival school across town. This one’s formed in the name of steadfast solidarity and loyalty to an institution that has played such a pivotal role in the personal development of not only myself but also that of so many of my colleagues and peers.

Blue and Gold 2.0, as I’m calling it, isn’t just about school colors. It’s not about winning a football game, or earning the most athletic titles, or beating anybody in the U.S. News rankings, or proving any kind of “superiority” on any level over anyone else. It’s about standing in solidarity with the vast community that is the UCLA network, exercising resilience in the face of tragedy and hardship, bearing the seemingly unbearable, and doing what we do best: continuing to innovate, research, and push through to continue the legacy of those before us for the greater good.

And it’s that spirit that makes me proud to be a Bruin.

It’s that spirit that keeps us Bruins #BruinStrong.

UPDATE (6/8/16, 7:54PM): I meant to include this when I originally posted, but UCLA has set up a support fund* to help out the family of Professor William Klug, the victim of last week’s shooting, through this tough time. If you’d like to support, feel free to contribute here: http://giveto.ucla.edu/fund/klug-family-support-fund/

*This isn’t a sponsored post in any way; just thought it’d be nice information to share.


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