Ode to Butter (Again!)

source: kerrygold


I too love butter. I love butter so much that when I don’t see any in my fridge, I have a slight panic attack and start searching for it in all corners of the kitchen including the freezer, the bottom shelves, and irrational areas like the drawers where the knives are. I love butter so much I get butter withdrawals, start grunting like a cowboy and say things to myself like Butter, I swear. Okay fine, that’s not a thing, but I do base my grocery shopping on how much butter I have. I regularly open the fridge and take stock of the butter supply and think to myself something like: Okay I must have about three days of butter left, it’s almost time to go get food again.

I haven’t always loved butter this much though. It was more take it or leave it back in the day. I didn’t really start eating it on a regular basis until a few years ago when I tried to get on paleo (or faileo). Having cut carbs, I had needed to increase my fat intake to make up for the calories and not feel so sluggish. So I started eating butter. Lots and lots of butter. In this sense, my experience with butter is a little different than Aiza’s glorious life long love for it. There is no bread with this relationship. In fact, I put butter on almost everything except bread.

Here’s what I do with butter. 


Eggs are hands down my favorite food. It’s so easy to make, so soft, so cheap, can be cooked in so many ways, and just so delicious. I cook eggs with Kerrygold Salted Pure Irish Butter. I used to cook eggs with oil, but now I always cook it with butter. I can eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My cholesterol is probably off the charts. I cooked eggs as a kid once and forgot to put salt on it. I remember it tasted so bland I was shocked. Now I don’t salt it anymore thanks to this butter. It’s rich enough.


If I can’t cook meat with butter, I don’t even want to eat it. I cook chicken, fish, and most bodaciously (Keanu accent)… steak! Woah! I like to dry rub the steak, then put salt all over it, put it in the freezer for 45 minutes. This process gets all the moisture out. Then little drops of water will go to the surface and I’ll wipe it off. Then I’ll eat the butter until it’s golden brown, and slap the steak on there for one minute on each side. The dryness of the steak and the heat of the butter gives the steak that Maillard reaction. Then I put it in the oven for 10 minutes. So it’s burnt outside but soft and medium rare inside. With butter all over it.


Baby spinach. I slowly add it to a pan with butter and stir. The pan full of leaves will wither, then it will shine and look juicy. Other veggies to cook with are asparagus. Often times I will use the left over butter from the steak and cook asparagus with it. Oddly enough, I don’t eat broccoli with butter.


No this not a joke, I actually put butter on coffee. Not all the time of course—it’s too inconvenient and I still like regular coffee. But there are days when I mix butter, coconut oil, and honey and blend them together. This is better known as bulletproof coffee, and the energy I get from it lasts the entire day.

Sun Tanning

That’s kerrygold, Jerry!

I like to tan on rooftops with butter. Afterwards my skin would glow like an angel. The only catch is that I’ll start smelling like a pancake and would want to eat myself. Okay fine, I’m just kidding… for now.

In conclusion, butter for President.


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