British Songs to Listen to While You’re Drinking On the Street in Manhattan


It’s Friday ya’ll and some great news happened in New York City this week: You can now openly drink on the street without being arrested. Woohoo! Throw me some beads because this place is about to turn into New Orleans! Along with these changes, they also won’t arrest you for peeing in public. While that’s great for every man who’s had to find a dark alleyway and pray nobody walked by to hear their stream—and fantastic for every girl who’s had to pop a squat behind a trashcan and hoped a stray cat didn’t jump on their shoulder—I really hope people won’t take advantage of these laws. Some parts of the city already smell like a toilet (I’m talking about you, Chinatown) and I think we’ve already reached the quota for public urination, we don’t need to add more.

Anyway, here’s a quick idea: instead of food carts on the streets, how about booze carts on the streets? Eh? Eh? [*nudges tech-bro who’s looking for a start up idea*]. Okay enough! So earlier this week, I was sent some song recommendations from my best mate across the pond. I thought I’d put them up because, one, I have nothing else to write about, and, two, you’ve got some public drinking to do. [*boops you on the nose*]

Her voice sounds exactly like Adele but more upbeat and joyous. If you’re sick of overhearing “Hello” from your sad co-workers desk, listen to Jess instead. It’s better for your health because it’ll make you want to move and dance instead of cry and eat ice cream.



This one isn’t new, but I’ve never heard of him until this week so it counts. What a voice.

Cheers! (Insert beer emoji here)


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